Welcome to the Trolls & Tyrants Table Top D20 RPG website!
(Free Online RPG Rulebooks available!)

I have been a Dungeons & Dragons fanatic ever since i first got my hands on the Legendary PC game: Baldur’s Gate, in 1998. I soon after got into Table Top D&D with my friends at school and started experimenting with designing characters and worlds.

A few years later i joined a serious D&D group and played an inspiring custom campaign that lasted 6 years, until the GM moved to another country as part of a career choice.
The group split up and because i missed playing D&D so much i started to make my own spells and feats to fill the void, learning more and more about the nature of the Dungeons and Dragons mechanics and issues along the way.
This new hobby of mine quickly grew into a massive project in which i made a detailed reconstruction and evolution of the beloved classic D&D 3.5 system, far beyond the basic changes made in Pathfinder and laughable degeneration known as the D&D 4.0 and 5.0 systems.

Now i present to you:
Trolls & Tyrants.

This new system is the ultimate refined form of the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 system, made for an optimal gameplay with fabulous well balanced character creation options and DM game-story enriching elements that will change many a regular game into an unforgettable Table Top Role-playing experience!

Download or use online the hundreds of pages of my book in PDF form with all system content entirely for FREE (open license) at the Free Download page.

My mission is to one day get enough funds together to make a self containing paper back book with a lot of beautiful fantasy art.

Also, there will be detailed adventure books for sale soon, made by myself, for those DM’s that are looking for new adventures to feed their game hungry players, starting off with my first One Shot campaign called: The Lava Forge of Iron Flood.

Finally, i have dreams of one day building RPG video games using T&T and D&D 3.5 as a blue print.



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