Equipment PDF layout

I corrected the numbering in the Equipment Index. It was 1 page too high with the Material Descriptions.

Reminder to self: There is no page numbering with the Equipment-, The Armory-, and The Arsenal PDF. This should be simple to do, so do it first thing at the next meeting with fellow troll.


New T&T blog system

So, i’ve copied the Updates to this new system. If everything works out others can now also make comment.

Further Updates will be posted on this page!

Dodge-Mobility based Feat: Counter Measures

I just came up with a new feat: Counter Measures.
This feat is based upon the Dodge and Mobility feat (that until now didn’t have a continuation to the chain).
This feat allows you to negate Attack of Opportunities made against you by sacrificing your Attack of Opportunities for the turn. When combined with the Combat Reflexes feat, you could counter multiple attacks of opportunity made against you (depending on your dexterity modifier).
As soon as i’ve discussed this feat with my fellow troll, i will add it to the New Feats pdf.

(3 December 2014 at 18:36)