Knock-Down revisted & Death-Grip

I have been busy lately 🙂
Having a place to blog about it seems to be motivating me to do more. How vain of me!

Anyway, i have now remade the Knock-Down (based on the Trip special attack) feat changing it from requiring to deal 10 damage to get a free Trip attempt, into giving an attack of opportunity whenever an opponent within a threatened area fall prone.

I also created a new feat based on the Grapple special attack: Death-Grip. This feat creates an auto success for grapplecheck after an opponent is succesfully grabbed with a touch attack. This feat also negates the -4 penalty on attacks during a grapple.

My hope is that with these feats added the Fighter has even more use of his Combat Tactics related abilities.
I will review my work with my fellow troll the next time we meet, and if succesful they will be added to the T&T New Feats PDF.

(24 November 2014 at 05:57)


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