New Feats Finished Up

I reviewed the 2 feats i made earlier with my fellow troll. The Knock-Down was a success (as i thought it would be) and despite his agreeing that the idea behind the Death-Grip was good he did point out a couple of key flaws in them (mostly due to me misunderstanding the rules about Grappling). I rewrote the feat with the new data and the result is a big difference:
Death-Grip still allows an auto succes with the grapple engage roll, but (since apparently there is only one such roll nescesary) besides negating the attack penalty it also denies the opponent you are grappling with his dexterity bonus, making them vulnurable to sneak attack damage (if you happen to be a character with Sneak Attack).
Even if you don’t have sneak attack the Death-Grip feat could still be quite useful, and can make some epic situations possible, like grappling with giant monsters (normally out of grapple range).

(29 November 2014 at 01:46)


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