Experimental: Radical New Armor System?

I am considering a huge change that will transform the Armor system used throughout the game.
– Instead of using Armor, Shields and Natural Armor as part of your total ability to become harder to hit, i am considering transforming them straight 1-on-1 into damage reduction (1/-, etc. like the Barbarian ability).
This would make a big difference as it would not render armor completely useless at higher levels, since most strong monsters and high level npc characters will be able to hit with ease, and touch spells already completely ignore armor.
When desigining a character you could now choose to either develop high damage reduction by being heavily armored (fighter would be best), or be dodgy with high dexterity, dodge and deflection.
– To prevent ‘physical’ immortality for certain extremely high Natural Armor creatures (like for example the Terrasque) an extra rule must be added that whenever a creature deals more than 1 damage to a creature with at least 1 damage reduction, the receiving party will always receive 1 damage. When the dealing party only deals 1 or less damage the receiving party would receive 0 damage.
* Me and my fellow troll that have been working on T&T will do some game testing to find flaws and unbalance, and see if this change (which could technically be easily implemented throughout the entire game) is worth making.

Note to self: Start working on the Equipment PDF. It will be a brutal task, especially with the page-sized weapon tables, but it must be done.

(22 November 2014 at 18:24)


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