Survival: Predict the Weather 24 Hours

Someone pointed me at the fact that this skill ability didn’t have any mention of how much time it took to perform the action. It’s strange how such things can slip by my attention unnoticed.

It now takes 1 minute of investigation to predict the weather.

The Skill Descriptions have been updated.


The Armory Update

So, while designing an armor for an NPC i came upon a strange mistake i made where i put an armor in the wrong alphabetical place. I also made a simple index for the PDF.

Limited Magically Bound Followers

After realizing that even with the Single Companion Rule Change i made to prevent combat scenarios from becoming too long and boring, there are still many other ways to overcrowd the party legally with the D&D 3.5 rules.

Thus i felt no choice but to expand the limit to the Magically Bound Followers, which are among other:

– Undead, Animated Objects, Summons, and Dominated followers.

A group that is obviously missing are voluntary followers, which are counted among the Leadership feat. Followers need to be sentient and willing to be part of the Leader’s team, but can also be deterred by actions of the adventurers that are in direct opposition to the followers alignment.

As it stands now, all Magically Bound followers will share a pool of a maximum HD, being 2x Casterlevel.

Animate Weapon spell fix

I have rewritten a large part of the Animate Weapon, since it was still using terms that where abandoned with the Belt rules.

The spell should be a lot clearer in how it works. The animated weapon uses your caster level instead of BAB, Cha or Int instead of Str.

The New Spells PDF has been updated.

Equipment PDF update

I have added examples of what typically would be the largest item that could fit into the extra-dimensional space of Bag of Holding type items in the New Items section of the Equipment PDF. A Pocket Dimension Bag of the largest type apparently can hold a pirate ship with crew 🙂

The New version has been uploaded.