More Skill Descriptions layout detailing

I discovered a spelling error, and i refined a few tables here and there and from one thing came another, i was soon finding myself reorganizing the sentences over half the entire PDF.

I think overal the new layout has a better balanced feel to it.


New Spells PDF Update

After taking the Scrying and Greater Scrying spells under the Microscope (with help of my fellow troll), an entire universe of potential balance corrupting factors opened up to me, and thus after rewriting Scrying and adding parts at least 5 times i’ve finally decided upon a ‘good enough’ version to add to the Spells PDF, which has been uploaded and is now available for everyone’s use.

I still have to reconvene with my fellow troll one last time to be sure this version is “fool proof enough” for the time being, to seize further attempts at modification.

Scrying & Greater Scrying (revisited)

At long last, years after altering Teleport, Telekinesis, Planeshift, Clairvoyance and the Polymorph spell series, i have decided to finish up the loose ends and revisit the Scrying spells.

I have adapted them to my “have-to-know” system, eliminating the chance for players to learn things about someone or something critical to the campaign without even having the remotest clue to who or what the target really is.

This also finishes up the last of the loose ends within the Divination department of T&T.

All other spells and abilities that refer to Scrying will now refer to this new version, rectifying all the problems that the old design brought.