Wisp Arrow spell update

I have overhauled the Wisp Arrow, taking away any remaining room for misinterpretation of it’s workings.

I also turned it into a Ranger level 2 spell. I felt it fitted the Base Class.

New Spells PDF has been updated.


Teleport & Scrying Distance Spell Range changes

I have made some rather heavy changes to the ranges of several spells:

Teleport (100 miles per level) Greater Teleport (Unlimited), Circle Teleport (5 miles per level), Clairvoyance (1 mile per level), Greater Clairvoyance (10 miles per level), Omnivision (Unlimited).

The Circle Teleport (which is hardly useful as a combat spell) was really weak as an overland travel spell (as part of the Teleport spell series) and so i made the massive range enhancement from Long range (400ft + 40 per level) up to a whopping 5 miles per level (roughly 100x previous distance). This way it still is not as super long range as teleport (only 1/20 of the distance), is still critically dependant on Magical Circles being installed in locations to travel to, but now no longer requires an expensive and hard to hide Magical circle every mile to make an effective ‘teleport highway’ which would still greatly limit the maximum distance per day without having to burn through scrolls or a wand like crazy.