All Non-casters are now Full Innitiators

After careful consideration and deliberation with my fellow troll, i have decided it would be best if instead of only the Fighter base class, all Base Classes that are not casters; Fighter, Barbarian & Monk, will now count as Full Initiator, and will thus be more compatible with the special combat and tactical abilities of the Martial Adept Classes (Crusader, Warblade & Sword Sage).

Hopefully players that are a big fan of these ability types will now embrace the T&T non-caster Base Classes with more enthusiasm, as they can now use their favorite stances, counters, boosts or strikes at a level where they can still give your Barbarian or Monk character an edge.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.


Low T&T Book update activity & Campaign Developments

So… looking at the dates on the updates is has become quite obvious that i am currently working much less on the book than i have in the previous months (and the years before that). This is mostly because i have spent so much time and energy on writing, designing and drawing campaigns using the T&T content.

I have made IMO impressive progress, having written over a 100 pages of pure campaign script spread over 3 now completely finished and 2 partially finished campaigns. Potentially another 5-20 more campaigns coming in the future (considering the size of this campaign world).

Although i would love to share the intricate details of this world i’m not doing it. I will be writing some introduction texts of the regions, that will include on location drawings and whatever else i can come up with the coming period.

Barbarian Rage text & pronouns refined

So, while scanning through the Base Classes the Rage ability caught my eye in how clunky it read, so i gave the ability an overhaul, technically not changing any of the rules. I also discovered i still had much of the pronouns wrong, so i changed as many of those errors in the Barbarian class as i could find.

The new version of the Base Classes has been uploaded.