Bonus skills foundation change

After some deliberation with my fellow troll i have decided to change how the bonus skills are calculated. Originally it was based exclusively on the Intelligence modifier, which made ‘being an intelligent character’ synonymous with a skillful character. At first glace this seems reasonable. But when you design characters like for example a Barbarian, do you really want him to be smart? Isn’t it much funnier to make him slightly stupid? Unfortunately that would mean that your Barbarian would have almost no skills. So… he wouldn’t be an expert Climber, Jumper, Rider and Swimmer simultaneously. It would literally be impossible. Where is the logic in that? So as an alternative, i’ve made available the option to use the Constitution modifier instead of the Intelligence modifier for determining the bonus skills. Either one can now be chosen, but the choice cannot be changed during the character’s further development. Before, the Constitution score was always a bit of a skill-less score, benefiting only the Concentration Skill. Most tend to use it as a low priority ability score. The Bonus Skill Foundations Change system turns the insignificance of the Constitution score around without downgrading the Intelligence score, and will make it more tempting for players to design a character with a high constitution score, and not needing to be too smart to be competent skill-wise.

The Rule Changes have been updated adding this new rule, and it’s technical description can be found in between the Detail Changes section under “Smart or Brawn Bonus Skills”.


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