Shaman update

As i dug into the Shaman Prestige class when i was building a NPC character, i felt that the bonus spells where not a very good ability for a character at that level. A level 1 bonus spell at level 10 isn’t impressive, despite the arcane nature of the spell. Thus, i decided to move the entire bonus spells up a row and now start at level 2. The same bonus spells in the same order but 3 levels sooner. Mass Transitional Jaunt is added as the last bonus lvl 9 spell at level 14. As a final change, the Barbarian Education bonus feat is moved from level 2 to level 1.

Then there’s the requirements. I felt it would be nice if high BAB monsters could become Shamans directly without any base class levels. They would gain Cleric spells as a domainless cleric and gain Rage uses/day as they are added in the class.

The Prestige Classes PDF has been updated.


Decipher Script update

I just updated the Skill Descriptions in the Decipher Script skill. The Decipher written & spoken language sections seemed somewhat incomplete. I added a table and updated the text. The Skill Descriptions PDF has been updated.

Bardic Music & Shadow Dancing and the missing Monk details

I was confronted with several design flaws yesterday.

For some reason much of the Monk class details where missing… i have no idea for how long (it has now been corrected). Also apparently i did not work out Bardic Music as well as i could have. A player that plays a Bard character in my campaign pointed out that the text was open ended when it came to maintaining songs. I think i may have forgotten to finish up this design process… I have now. From now on all Bardic Music except for Inspire Courage requires a standard action to maintain (up until level 8 when Musical Fighting shortens it), and Inspire Courage requires only a move action to maintain. With Musical Fighting Inspire Courage can be maintained with a Swift action.

In contrast to the 3.5 Bard, Inspire- Bard Songs don’t linger for 5 rounds. But thanks to this new system the Bard can still get into some action while still doing some Bardic Music at lower levels!

I immediately took a look at the Shadow Dancing ability, and it had similar problems: The maintenance was not defined very well, and most abilities where fixed on lasting 1 round per Shadow Dancer level without any involvement of maintenance. It is now!

Shadow Dancing: Weaken (like Inspire Courage) now requires a move action maintenance. Summon Shadow, Control Shadow and Dance of Terror require a standard action to maintain. The other abilities are more ‘instantaneous’ in nature and require no maintenance.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated!

Advanced Striker & Master Striker update

I looked through the Advanced and Master Striker feats again, two of the first new feats i designed for Trolls & Tyrants, and felt it was still somewhat unclear how it combined with Spring Attack. So now i rewrote the 2 feats to be very clear in this and leave no room for misinterpretation.

Advanced Striker allows you to make Full attacks and move a full move action before or after. Combined with Spring Attack the movement can be spread over before and after the attacks, but when doing this you will provoke an attack of opportunity from the defender (because of the intense strain of it all).

When you also have the Master Striker feat, using a Full Attack Action during a Spring Attacks no longer provoke attacks of opportunity. (Master Striker more or less overlaps and upgrades the Spring Attack feat entirely)

No more misunderstandings on how to use Spring attacks and Advanced/Master Striker…

The New Feats PDF has been updated.

Ninja changes

I exchanged the Teleport and Dissappear ability of the Ninja Prestige Class. Now the Ninja will be able to use dissappear sooner, and Teleport later.

I also changed the text in the Ninja Distraction abilities, as some of the text seemed to be still in the “Belt Rules-format”. Now only items in Extra-dimensional spaces like Bag’s of Holding will delay the ability with a move action, not items in the basic Backpack.

The Base Classes PDF has been Updated.

Updates Continue

Though not as vocal as before i am still very much working on updating the entire Trolls and Tyrants book. Be it descriptions or grammer, and even slight ability changes. I am still amazed about grammer errors, how elusive they are in a book of this size… it is big warning to anyone who dares the take on a project of this size. It’s still very much worth the hassle however. 🙂

I’ve also been busy with my new Roleplaying group within the Utrecht RPG Meetup, where i’m starting a Pre-history campaign setting “Exploration Age”, and simultaneously continue to test run the Aelenador Campaign with my fellow troll.