Advanced Striker & Master Striker update

I looked through the Advanced and Master Striker feats again, two of the first new feats i designed for Trolls & Tyrants, and felt it was still somewhat unclear how it combined with Spring Attack. So now i rewrote the 2 feats to be very clear in this and leave no room for misinterpretation.

Advanced Striker allows you to make Full attacks and move a full move action before or after. Combined with Spring Attack the movement can be spread over before and after the attacks, but when doing this you will provoke an attack of opportunity from the defender (because of the intense strain of it all).

When you also have the Master Striker feat, using a Full Attack Action during a Spring Attacks no longer provoke attacks of opportunity. (Master Striker more or less overlaps and upgrades the Spring Attack feat entirely)

No more misunderstandings on how to use Spring attacks and Advanced/Master Striker…

The New Feats PDF has been updated.


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