Bardic Music & Shadow Dancing and the missing Monk details

I was confronted with several design flaws yesterday.

For some reason much of the Monk class details where missing… i have no idea for how long (it has now been corrected). Also apparently i did not work out Bardic Music as well as i could have. A player that plays a Bard character in my campaign pointed out that the text was open ended when it came to maintaining songs. I think i may have forgotten to finish up this design process… I have now. From now on all Bardic Music except for Inspire Courage requires a standard action to maintain (up until level 8 when Musical Fighting shortens it), and Inspire Courage requires only a move action to maintain. With Musical Fighting Inspire Courage can be maintained with a Swift action.

In contrast to the 3.5 Bard, Inspire- Bard Songs don’t linger for 5 rounds. But thanks to this new system the Bard can still get into some action while still doing some Bardic Music at lower levels!

I immediately took a look at the Shadow Dancing ability, and it had similar problems: The maintenance was not defined very well, and most abilities where fixed on lasting 1 round per Shadow Dancer level without any involvement of maintenance. It is now!

Shadow Dancing: Weaken (like Inspire Courage) now requires a move action maintenance. Summon Shadow, Control Shadow and Dance of Terror require a standard action to maintain. The other abilities are more ‘instantaneous’ in nature and require no maintenance.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated!


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