Shaman update

As i dug into the Shaman Prestige class when i was building a NPC character, i felt that the bonus spells where not a very good ability for a character at that level. A level 1 bonus spell at level 10 isn’t impressive, despite the arcane nature of the spell. Thus, i decided to move the entire bonus spells up a row and now start at level 2. The same bonus spells in the same order but 3 levels sooner. Mass Transitional Jaunt is added as the last bonus lvl 9 spell at level 14. As a final change, the Barbarian Education bonus feat is moved from level 2 to level 1.

Then there’s the requirements. I felt it would be nice if high BAB monsters could become Shamans directly without any base class levels. They would gain Cleric spells as a domainless cleric and gain Rage uses/day as they are added in the class.

The Prestige Classes PDF has been updated.


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