Shadow Dancer Update

I have now changed the Shadow Dancer’s Sneak Attack from the practically useless Sneak Attack of 1d6 per 4 levels, into the same devision as the Assassin. This upgrade makes the Shadow Dancer slightly more competent in battle.

A second change is that Shadow Jump ability which is slightly too powerful at the lowest level, but not at higher levels. To compensate an extra challenge is added for the player when using Shadow Jump. The Shadow Dancer must now succeed a Hide roll opposed by spot checks of the opponents. If the Shadow Dancer fails the hide check a move action is wasted and the Shadow Jump has failed. While completely conceiled Shadow Dancers will have no problem Shadow Jumping, and at level 3 the Shadow Dancer will more easily be able to use Shadow Jump in combat because of the Hide in Plain Sight ability. Magical Invisibility and Magical Darkness also subverts the required hide check for Shadow Jump.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.


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