Barbarian: Thrasher 2.0

After getting more and more agitated with the setup and explanation of the Thrasher ability, i decided to rewrite the ability into a much simpler format that will actually assist both player and DM during combat, instead of confusing everyone and slowing combat down.

Now the Thrasher ability focuses on what it is: Improvised Weapon Proficiency, with a pretty badass damage that doubled to the items used as weapons, including disabled enemy bodies.

I also replaced the fun but useless table for item damage with a Improvised Weapon Damage Table based purely on the item’s weight and the ever so useful list of examples of items and their weight category. This way the Barbarian can directly measure his lifting capacity (heavy load) to see what he could use as a weapon and the damage it would do.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.


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