The Great Change

As i have changed the classes and abilities several times over in the past years, certain anomalies have started to catch my eye. One of them being the general concept of having a lack of Feats, especially when it comes to Melee-build character.

After long pausing and deliberation, i decided that the Bard, Black Guard and Paladin will be getting bonus feats. The Bard gets just 3 starting at level 5, just a little extra as did the Sorcerer and Wizard get 3 extra feats. Next up the Black Guard and Paladin. These 2 where fine and all, but the complete absence of Feats made the classes very poor combatants, barely compensated with spells. Thus i have, as with the Ranger and Assassin given these classes Bonus Feats at lvl 1,4,7,10,etc. In trade (unfortunately) i have scrapped the Benevolent and Malevolent Influence abilities… But in return added -and slightly improved upon- the Paladin and Black Guard Spells lists. The Paladin now has Raise Dead capabilities and the Black Guard can Re-raise Undead which is technically a unique new spell (both still at a very late level).

The changes have been implemented and the Base Classes PDF has been updated, increasing the Base Classes PDF by more than a page.

I also added two new Magic Items; the Magic Brush and the Magic Map, to Equipment (and put the items in alphabetical order which for some reason wasn’t done yet…). Equipment PDF has been updated.


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