Mage Knight redone

As promised the Mage Knight has been cut down to a 5-level prestige class. This version retains the most prominent parts of the original 15 level class in this shorter version, leaving room for other class focusing.

The Prestige Classes PDF has been updated.


New Spell: Planar Gaze

I thought up a new level 4 Divination spell that can give the user a new look on things, literally. This spell allows the caster’s gaze to pierce the Transitory planes, making them able to see creatures residing on the Plane of Shadow and Ethereal Plane parallel to the one they currently walk, as well as any other odities in the landscape that would typically be hidden inside the Plane of Shadow. The spell does not allow any type of physical interaction.

The New Feats PDF has been updated.

New Feat: Armed Wildshape

To continue the serries of Wildshape related feats Armed Wildshape was inevitable. It allows the Druid to fuse the weapon they are wielding when wildshaping with their natural attack gaining all benefits of magical as well as material aspects of the weapon.

The New Feats PDF has been updated.

New Logo? Yes please.

So, despite that the original logo i made for Trolls & Tyrants was very amuzing and all, in reality it wasn’t much more than an amuzing picture, and not very effective as a logo.


Thus, i am now in the continual process of designing a new real logo that will function. The one you see now is a heavily reduced version of the original picture, but it’s only a start. With the advise of people that actually know how to design logos i am going to make one that will function as logos are supposed to, on any scale, and is immediately recogniseable. I need to find the right font for this (this will be by far the most monumental task for me) and then finalize it by shaping it in a way that looks similar to this new reduced version of the previous logo.


There will be more updates on this development in the future!

Familiar update

So, after some consideration i’ve decided to give the Familiar a fun high level upgrade, which originally belonged to the Mage Knight Prestige Class, which is currently being redesigned and cut down to a 5-level Prestige Class.

The Familiar’s ability development have been moved around and reordened to all uneven numbers, and 2 abilities have been added: Familiar Spell Slot, and Familiar Caster. These 2 abilities allow the Familiar to utilize it’s growing intelligence to first contain a spell slot that can be used by the Sorcerer/Wizard as a prepared wizard spell, and later (lvl 17) the Familiar will be able to independently cast the prepared spell they contain.

It’s a slight shift of power to the familiar at higher levels, making a straight up Sorcerer or Wizard career even more appealing, without causing to much disturbance in power balance.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.