Standardized Poison + Rule Changes layout

So… i felt that Poison is one of those things in D&D that seems to elude balance whenever adventurers are confronted with it, be it in- or against their advantage, so to balance things out i’ve decided to pretty much do away with any old notion of how poison used by adventurers would be thus far and in it’s place make a system for it that is much more consistent and reliable for use as well as crafting.

No longer is the quality of poison that would come out of crafting it directly dependent on the creature or plant the components are extracted from as has been applied so far in D&D, but instead poison DC and damage stack in a linear fashion with the costs. Monsters that have poison as part of their natural attacks will of course retain their specific use of their poison, but when the poison is extracted from them the strength of it will be dependent on the costs (and thus crafting time) invested on perfecting the poisonous brew.

As the Poison neither fits nor seemed to belong in between the Equipment PDF, i have decided to implement it directly into the Rule Changes, and as i have noticed that the layout of that PDF pretty much lacked a layout, so i added it that as well.

The Rule Changes PDF has been updated!


New Magic Items

So, it has been a long time since i last updated T&T. I have designed several items, some of which are pretty powerful and expensive, but then i forgot about them.

Now having come across them once again i felt that they where worthy of adding them. The new items are: Handy Haver Sap, Holy Symbol of Guidance, Ioun Stone: White Translucent Sphere, Planewalker Boots, Ring of Safe Escape, and Sash of Dimensional Stability.

Equipment PDF has been updated.