Bardic Music Overhaul

So, after looking through Bardic Music once again, i noticed that it’s powers where expensive in use, but in return give not much more then the effects of average spells. After some complaints about it’s weakness compared to other modern rebuilds of the Bard, i decided to also make an overhaul and completely step away from the old Lingering system, which only served to encourage wasting Bardic Music uses in a rapid pace to get some kind of combat advantage. All the bardic musics that give simple bonuses can always be maintained as a move action or less, making the Bard able to perform standard actions and not spend their entire turn on their Bardic Music.While at the same time taking away the duration limit of all but the most powerful of Bardic Musics, making the Bard able to choose and play a single Bardic Music effect an entire day using only one charge.

Some of the details in the Musical Fighting and Combine Songs abilities have also been updated and clarified.

As a base part of Bardic Music the Bard can now  use the option to pause their Bardic Music for an entire round and even cast spells or perform other actions, as long as he then uses a standard action the next turn to resume the Bardic Music.

Where before i only reduced the maintaining cost of Inspire Courage, now Countersong has also been shortened in it’s maintenance time. Where before Inspire Greatness gave extra HP and some more bonuses (which practically delivers more bureaucratic hassle then combat advantages) has been transformed in the ability to give other characters extra actions. Song of Freedom has been greatly improved, now allowing everyone within 30 feet including the Bard to be the subject of the spell effect, and if the Bard is interrupted in the 10 round duration for the effect to build up it does not cost a Bardic Music Use… like with Suggestion; Song of Freedom only expending a charge upon a success.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.


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