Revisiting All Bardic Music Feats

As i overhauled the Bardic Music ability i also had a look at the Bardic Music feats from Complete Adventure and Complete Scoundral, and found them unreasonably expensive in use or simply too weak to ever spend a feat on. Thus i redesigned ALL of them in a uniform manner consistent with the method of redesign i used for the standard Bardic Music abilities of the Bard.

In addition to the Bardic Music Feats, i also revisited the Lingering Song feat, which would have made no sense with the new Bardic Music style. The feat now provides the Lingering Effect of 5 rounds, where before there was non, but only to Bardic Songs that last indefinitely while maintaining them.

I also added another feat: Loud Musician. This feat (though technically not a Bardic Music feat) doubles the range of all Bardic Music abilities.

The New Feats PDF has been updated.


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