Shadow Dance Overhaul

So, in response of transforming the Bardic Music abilities, it was only a matter of time before i would start to transform the Shadow Dance abilities which are based on the same model into a similar fashion.

One of the first big changes was the Fascinate ability, i decided to replace it since it’s use wanes as the Shadow Dancer level progresses; the Bard receives Bardic Music: Suggestion at level 6 to enhance the use of Fascinate, where the Shadow Dancer does not receive this ability. Thus i’ve decided to replace Fascinate with Shadow Cover; which allows the Shadow Dancer to enhance ally’s hiding abilities by giving them the option to replace their Hiding roll results with the Shadow Dancer’s Performance roll result for as long as the Shadow Dancer keeps playing. This way the Shadow Dancer can extend their shadowyness to allies, making the party overall more capable of being stealthy. This seemed more preferable to the ability to fascinate which seems like a nice trick but is usually rendered useless once combat has broken out. Shadow Cover overall expands the ability to prevent combat from breaking out by keeping stealthy.

Other abilities have also been tinkered with in their duration and now stand more parallel to the Bardic Music system changes.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.


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