Familiar Update

So, after some of my players pointed out to me that the Familiar in T&T seemed incomplete due to no saves or HP where even mentioned in the text i could not help but agree, and once again (after having already integrated Old Mage Knight elements) rethink the Familiar.

In contrast to the Animal Companion which gains HP, Natural Armor and stat increases, the familiar does not gain as much HP, but instead (besides already having the Hideout ability that guarentee’s its safety as long as it hides on it’s master) it now gains Blood Bond and Damage Reduction.

Because at high level the meager amount of HP the Familiar has would tend to get it instantly killed as soon as it would get involved in combat the Blood Bond now transfers the damage it receives directly to the caster, technically adding it’s Master’s entire HP reserve to the effective HP count of the Familiar. On top of this it’s damage reduction ability (that increases similar to the Barbarian) cuts down on the damage it would receive and thus transfer to it’s master. As soon as the Master’s HP would go below 0 the Blood Bond will be suspended and the Familiar becomes vulnerable up until the point it’s master is healed back to consciousness.

There is now also more clarity about Familiars using items. It is allowed to wear 3 items. 1 Ring, 1 Necklace or Collar and it can carry around 1 item which can range from a pouch to a wand, scroll or potion and cannot overstept the Familiar’s carrying capacity. The Familiar can also use Continuous Magic items and will activated magic items. At level 5 the Speak with Master ability now also clarifies that the Familiar can use verbal spell components and use scroll as an arcane caster of its master’s level.

Base Classes PDF has been updated.