Shadow Dancing uses/day

I decided to change the amount of Shadow Dance uses per day a Shadow Dancer has should be increased to 1 + 1 per 2 levels, instead of 1 + 1 per 3 levels. The 1 per 3 levels made the use of Shadow Dancing abilities incredible scarce, compared to the Bardic Music which is 1 per level and abundant. So now it seems more balanced.

Base Classes PDF has been updated.


Ranger Spell list added in Base Classes

I noticed that in the Base Classes the Ranger Spell list was missing, where all the others lesser caster classes did have them added. I made the list, which was surprisingly big and added it to the Base Classes PDF.

The Shopkeeper Mage Prestige Class

I’ve designed the Shopkeeper Mage and was at first hestitant to make it part of the official Prestige Classes line of T&T, but after about half a year of looking upon it’s concept, i felt that it was indeed time to make it part of the official T&T repetoir of Prestige Classes.

The Shopkeeper Mage is an Arcane spellcaster class that focuses on advanced item creation and maintaining a localized store. It sacrifices spell development for this. A player character will not likely choose a Shopkeeper Mage as a prestige class as it prohibits them from adventuring freely, and will more likely be attained by NPC’s and characters that are retiring from adventuring.

The Prestige Classes PDF has been updated.

Glitterdust revisited

So… i decided to add some options to Glitterdust that enables the target to remove the Glitter from their eyes and body. It’s a simple addendum that can make a world of difference. The spell still remains utterly powerful, but at least the targets will now have a chance to do something against the non-spell resistance blinding effect and the entirely non-spell resistance non-save hide penalty effects of the spell.

The New Spells PDF has been updated.

New Lesser Caster Spells

So i designed 4 new spells meant specifically for lesser casters: Turret, Security Measures, Soul Hostage and Greater Soul Hostage.

These spells will assist stealth based Lesser Caster classes to hold off heavy area attacks, put up temporary automated magical defenses and create some negotiation leverage against more powerful parties.

The New Spells PDF has been updated.

Familiar Update

So, after some of my players pointed out to me that the Familiar in T&T seemed incomplete due to no saves or HP where even mentioned in the text i could not help but agree, and once again (after having already integrated Old Mage Knight elements) rethink the Familiar.

In contrast to the Animal Companion which gains HP, Natural Armor and stat increases, the familiar does not gain as much HP, but instead (besides already having the Hideout ability that guarentee’s its safety as long as it hides on it’s master) it now gains Blood Bond and Damage Reduction.

Because at high level the meager amount of HP the Familiar has would tend to get it instantly killed as soon as it would get involved in combat the Blood Bond now transfers the damage it receives directly to the caster, technically adding it’s Master’s entire HP reserve to the effective HP count of the Familiar. On top of this it’s damage reduction ability (that increases similar to the Barbarian) cuts down on the damage it would receive and thus transfer to it’s master. As soon as the Master’s HP would go below 0 the Blood Bond will be suspended and the Familiar becomes vulnerable up until the point it’s master is healed back to consciousness.

There is now also more clarity about Familiars using items. It is allowed to wear 3 items. 1 Ring, 1 Necklace or Collar and it can carry around 1 item which can range from a pouch to a wand, scroll or potion and cannot overstept the Familiar’s carrying capacity. The Familiar can also use Continuous Magic items and will activated magic items. At level 5 the Speak with Master ability now also clarifies that the Familiar can use verbal spell components and use scroll as an arcane caster of its master’s level.

Base Classes PDF has been updated.

Revisiting All Bardic Music Feats

As i overhauled the Bardic Music ability i also had a look at the Bardic Music feats from Complete Adventure and Complete Scoundral, and found them unreasonably expensive in use or simply too weak to ever spend a feat on. Thus i redesigned ALL of them in a uniform manner consistent with the method of redesign i used for the standard Bardic Music abilities of the Bard.

In addition to the Bardic Music Feats, i also revisited the Lingering Song feat, which would have made no sense with the new Bardic Music style. The feat now provides the Lingering Effect of 5 rounds, where before there was non, but only to Bardic Songs that last indefinitely while maintaining them.

I also added another feat: Loud Musician. This feat (though technically not a Bardic Music feat) doubles the range of all Bardic Music abilities.

The New Feats PDF has been updated.

Shadow Dance Overhaul

So, in response of transforming the Bardic Music abilities, it was only a matter of time before i would start to transform the Shadow Dance abilities which are based on the same model into a similar fashion.

One of the first big changes was the Fascinate ability, i decided to replace it since it’s use wanes as the Shadow Dancer level progresses; the Bard receives Bardic Music: Suggestion at level 6 to enhance the use of Fascinate, where the Shadow Dancer does not receive this ability. Thus i’ve decided to replace Fascinate with Shadow Cover; which allows the Shadow Dancer to enhance ally’s hiding abilities by giving them the option to replace their Hiding roll results with the Shadow Dancer’s Performance roll result for as long as the Shadow Dancer keeps playing. This way the Shadow Dancer can extend their shadowyness to allies, making the party overall more capable of being stealthy. This seemed more preferable to the ability to fascinate which seems like a nice trick but is usually rendered useless once combat has broken out. Shadow Cover overall expands the ability to prevent combat from breaking out by keeping stealthy.

Other abilities have also been tinkered with in their duration and now stand more parallel to the Bardic Music system changes.

The Base Classes PDF has been updated.